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“Now the Cloud” is a fun and engaging podcast about all things IT, especially those technologies that—love it or hate it--- are “now the cloud.” The podcast hosts are the larger-then-life folks over at Steadfast, who have spent the past 20 plus years building and hosting managed IT infrastructure and cloud services for companies of all sizes. Turn the volume up, find a safe space, and let’s talk tech.

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Tuesday Jul 13, 2021

Episode 3: Cloud-based storage is often an after-thought of many organizations.  However, choosing the right cloud storage can make a significant impact on speed of operations, security, and overall data usability. This podcast will look at different forms of Cloud Storage, how it can support backup and disaster recovery applications, and discuss key considerations that all customers should be aware of.     

Monday Apr 26, 2021

Episode 2: With more than 100,000 companies still actively using large AS/4000 IBM Mainframes in their operations, many face a growing need to find ways to extract and migrate that information into new technologies. This podcast will discuss ideas for successfully making this move and what to expect.

Tuesday Mar 30, 2021

Episode 1: Everyone in the world has defined public vs private vs hybrid cloud. But how have these definitions held up in a rapidly changing IT world? This podcast will discuss these age-old definitions and bring some new fresh insights into how they are evolving into something more.

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